Kent Fiddy is a songwriter whose words and music touch the heart and soul of his listeners. His lyrics have been described as inspirational and poetic in the way they explore themes of love, loss, and redemption. Once heard,they are often unforgettable.

He has toured, lived and worked in most of this country. His songs reflect the stories of the people, places and history of Canada,and so much more. These include tunes like North Pacific Graveyard(B.C.),Forever, My.B.C., Ice Road(Northwest Territories), The Heart of the Country(Prairies), Farley on a Harley(Maritimes), and Bob Bartlett(Newfoundland).

His latest album Small Gratitudes, is an original mix of pop, Celtic, country and jazz-influenced roots. This is Canadiana Roots Music at it’s very best.

Inspired, evocative and compelling, join Kent Fiddy and his musical partner David Sinclair as they take you on a journey across the curve of time.

new album - small gratitudes
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Kent Fiddy

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songwriter and musician